Developmental Schemes of DAMB At A Glance

An Overview:

The Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board, an apex body created under the erstwhile Delhi Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act, 1976 ( replaced by 1998 Act), is entrusted with over all supervision and control of all the existing Market Committees, development of new markets, improvement in the marketing services and to provide additional facilities like grading and standardization. The seven Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees which are functional in Delhi are shown as below :-

S.No. Name of APMC Commodity Total Land Area
1. APMC, Azadpur Fruit & Vegetable 76 Acres of land
2. APMC, Narela Food Grain 33 Acres
3. APMC, Najafgarh Food Grains 11 Acres
4. APMC, Keshopur Fruit & Vegetables 15.58 Acres
5. APMC, Shahdara Fruit & Vegetable, Food Grains, Fodder 37.03 Acres
6. FP&EMC, Gazipur Fish & Poultry Fish Market 60,000 Sq. Mtr.(14.83 Acres)
Poultry Market 60200 sq. mtrs.(14.88 Acres)
7. Flower Market Flower, Cut Flowers & Potted Plants

The Agricultural Produce arriving at these markets are mainly meant for consumption by 14 millions of Delhi population but partly it also goes out in forward direction. The existing strength of Delhi Market is better transparency in the sale, purchase and auctioning where the growers get the better prices in a ready cash.

Delhi is known for strong consumer movement where there is more emphasis on the assured quality, cleanliness, an open market system . The population of Delhi is growing very fast. It is expected to touch 2.3 crores by the year 2021. The consumption of agricultural produce would go up by 1.5 times of the existing consumption. Both to introduce an element of quality, modernization, cleaniness, gradation & standardization and to cope with future requirements, it has been felt that the Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board and the nine Market Committees should adopt an approach where all the quantitative and qualitative needs in the field of agricultural marketing, are taken care of.

A Glance At Important Developmental Schemes of DAMB

Following developmental schemes have been taken up by DAMB for modernization and improvement of the following markets :-

  1.  Redevelopment of Azadpur Market

    In order to decongest the Azadpur Fruit & Vegetable Market and to provide modern amenities, facilities centre for grading, sorting, packing etc, a plan for redevelopment of Azadpur has been conceptualized.

  2.   Computerization and E-Commerce.
    To have transparency in the working of APMC and to provide efficiency in Market Management System and to disseminate information, computerization of APMC, Azadpur is being undertaken at an estimated cost of about Rs. 4 crores.

  3.   Setting up of Integrated Facility Centre
    A modern Integrated Facility Centre having following facilities is being set up for Fruit & Veg. in Azadpur at an estimated cost of Rs. 15 Crores :-
    i) Electronic sorting grading, washing, waxing and packaging line for orange, apple, Kinoo etc
    ii) Electronic sorting, grading and packaging line for potato.
    iii) Ripening chambers for banana and mangoes.
    iv) Electronic vegetable sorting line for shrinking, wrapping unit
  4.   Development of FRUIT Market at Tikri Khampur
    To decongest the existing Fruit & Vegetable Market, Azadpur a policy decision has been taken to shift the entire trade of apple and other fruits to Tikri Khampur where a modern market has been proposed to be developed in about 70.00 acres of land.
  5.  Development of Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market at IFC Gazipur
    (a) A new wholesale Fruit, Vegetable & Flower Market on an area of 37.03 acres of land is under development at Integrated Freight Complex, Gazipur. The project is estimated to cost about Rs. 90 crores. The trade from Shahdara was shifted to this newly acquired land by way of providing temporary facilities on about 8 acres of land during the year 2000.
    (b) The Board proposes to develop a Flower market instead of a Grain Market in 10 Acres of the total land of 37.03 acres at Gazipur. The Flower Market is of seven storyed building with Action hall etc. The layout Plan and building plans have been submitted to DDA.
  6.   Redevelopment & modernization of Poultry Market Gazipur
    The Board proposes to redevelop and modernize the existing Poultry Market at Gazipur in an area of 14.83 acres of land. 120 shops, two auction platforms and a modern poultry processing plant are proposed to be provided in the market. Sanctioned plans have not yet been released by Building Section of DDA for want of Time Extension from Land Section of DDA.


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